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Affordable Teeth Whitening in Bellevue

Safe & Effective Solutions for Discolored Teeth

Teeth Whitening

At AnaBella Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand that home bleaching can seem like a smart and inexpensive solution for your teeth! However, these methods often end up working against you in the long run as they may irritate your gums and can harm your enamel. By working with our experienced dentist, we can provide quality whitening without harming your teeth or gums.

There are many disadvantages to using traditional whitening methods, such as:

  • Irritation of the gums
  • Erosion of the enamel
  • Pain and sensitivity in the gums
  • Uneven whitening along the teeth
  • Discoloration due to over-bleaching
  • Short-lived effects on the color of the teeth

Our Teeth Whitening Options Include:

  • BriteSmile®
  • Opalescence®
  • Zoom!® teeth whitening

Instead of attempting to deal with the problem on your own, trust our experienced Bellevue dentist to do the job. Within an hour, we can provide whitening services that should last you for at least a year—way beyond the results you could get from at-home bleaching kits! To learn more, contact our office at (425) 999-3006 today!

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