Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Diy

There is nothing wrong with desiring two rows of lovely white teeth that inspire extended gazes. We live in an image-conscious society in which people form judgments on others partially based on their appearance. If your smile does not look its best, you won't feel confident and others might think less of you. The solution is teeth whitening. However, no two forms of teeth whitening are the same. Professional teeth whitening is remarkably different from DIY teeth whitening performed at home.

Ask those who have tried professional teeth whitening1 and DIY teeth whitening products about the results and you will find a common theme emerges: professional teeth whitening is vastly superior to the DIY approach. DIY is an acronym that means do it yourself.


Teeth whitening performed at the dentist's office is comparably safe. The dentist and oral hygienists have whitened countless teeth with proven teeth whitening solutions. There is no guesswork or potential for harm, damage or drama. Compare this measured approach to the confusion involved with DIY attempts to whiten the teeth at home. Furthermore, the dentist's years of experience whitening teeth will drastically reduce the time necessary to brighten your teeth. Why bother fussing around with nightly or weekly teeth whitening products when whitening can be performed in one fell swoop in the dentist's chair? After all, there is no guarantee the DIY teeth whitening product will even work.


Custom teeth whitening trays are specifically made to suit the nuances of your unique mouth. This is the exact opposite of the one-size-fits-all approach of teeth whitening products sold over the counter. Opt for professional teeth whitening performed at the dentist's office and you will be able to continue your day without worrying about impaired speech or a compromised appearance. The teeth can be whitened with gels and the aforementioned customized trays or with a halogen light. The gums are protected with both approaches to reduce the chances of contact between the teeth whitening solution and the gums. The same cannot be said of DIY applications that have the potential to irritate the gums upon contact.

Patients who do not elect for the halogen light to be applied to the whitening gel might have to return for additional treatments to achieve the desired shade of white. However, returning for one or two teeth whitening sessions at the dentist's office is much easier than applying a teeth whitening gel or other product on your own at home every single night. The bottom line is professional teeth whitening is comparably efficient as it is fully customized for each individual patient.


Though there are plenty of teeth whitening systems, gels and other products on the market, few actually whiten the teeth to the desired shade. Just about none of these supposed solutions generate the impressive shade of white possible with the dentist's fully customized approach to teeth whitening. Though it is possible to purchase a teeth whitening tray online, the tray will never suit the nuanced shape of your mouth as well as the customized one provided by the dentist. Furthermore, DIY teeth whitening might lighten the shade of the teeth but only to a certain extent. It is not possible to achieve the gorgeous shade of white possible with professional teeth whitening performed at the dentist's office.

The teeth whitening products designed for use at home have comparably low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This means these supposed solutions will not provide the same level of tooth hue change as anticipated from professional teeth whiteners. DIY teeth whitening products ranging from trays to strips, brush-on whiteners and beyond can be bought in all sorts of places yet only the highly effective concentrated teeth whiteners can be accessed at the dentist's office.

If you still decide to attempt to whiten your teeth on your own at home with a DIY teeth whitening product, be careful. Do not let the teeth whitening agent contact your gums. Do not rush into any supposed teeth whitening solution, assuming applying it in abundance will beautify your smile. Start the teeth whitening regimen in a gradual manner. There is no shame in eventually relying on your dentist to complete the job with efficient, affordable teeth whitening solutions proven to work.


Though dentists across the globe agree professional teeth whitening is vastly superior to the DIY approach, some patients are better candidates for one or the other. Those who have fairly healthy teeth, gums and overarching oral health will be considered for in-office professional teeth whitening. The dentist will perform an oral health examination during the consultation. If there are underlying issues such as gum disease or extensive tooth decay, there is the potential for pain stemming from the bleaching gel. The dentist will have to address such oral health problems prior to applying the teeth whitening solution.

Furthermore, it is important to note some discolored teeth cannot be beautified with in-office teeth whitening. Especially deep stains might be ingrained so far down that no teeth whitening solution will alter their appearance. Dental veneers might prove to be the best solution in such a situation.

The vast majority of patients are considered viable candidates for DIY teeth whitening yet few dentists advise this route. The candidacy for DIY teeth whitening is expansive as there are zero restrictions. Anyone can buy an over-the-counter teeth whitening product and apply it. However, those who have oral health problems might end up causing significant pain or even damaging the teeth and/or gums. When in doubt, lean on the professionals to whiten your teeth for the utmost comfort and optimal results.


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