The Benefits Of Having An Emergency Dentist

Envision a scenario in which you knock out a tooth, have a significant toothache or another painful oral health problem. If your dentist is unwilling to treat emergencies and you do not know of a local emergency dentist, you will scramble to find relief. The better approach is to visit with a dentist willing to offer emergency services so you always have someone to rely on when disaster strikes. Above all, you should resist the temptation to go to the emergency room for your oral pain. Emergency rooms are egregiously expensive and should be reserved for those involved in serious car accidents or undergoing another painful ailment aside from dental pain. The bottom line is only an emergency dentist has the expertise, training and dental instruments necessary to treat extreme oral pain.


Perhaps the best reason to visit with an emergency dentist1 is to preserve a damaged tooth. If your tooth has been knocked out of its socket or dislodged, meet with our emergency dental team as soon as possible. The quicker you can get to our office, the greater the chances are to save the tooth. If the tooth has been completely knocked out, put it in a cup of milk to help preserve its integrity. Ideally, each of your damaged teeth will be preserved so you do not have to rely upon artificial teeth such as dental implants.


The emergency dentist will address your pain right away. We understand just how painful oral health issues can be, especially after a traumatic experience such as a sports accident, fight or other unfortunate event. Let us analyze your oral pain, provide relief and perform the restoration or other improvement necessary to return your mouth to normal.


Though toothaches might seem relatively minor when they first manifest, they have the potential to become quite dangerous. If the toothache persists, it is an indication the tooth has considerable decay. Reach out to our emergency dentist to figure out why your tooth is aching. If it is determined you have tooth decay, we will remove it and alleviate your pain. Alternatively, if you allow decay to take over, the tooth damage will gradually worsen to the point that extraction might be the sole remaining option. An extracted tooth will have to be replaced with an artificial tooth such as a dental implant. This means more time in the dentist's chair and more money spent on oral health. The better approach is to have the dentist tend to your toothache or other oral health problem as soon as it develops so you can immediately reduce the pain as well as the potential for additional problems.


Though most oral health problems are not life-threatening, they have the potential to cause some serious issues if untreated for an extended amount of time. In particular, there is a chance your dental situation will result in an infection. A damaged tooth is that much more likely to be compromised. If the tooth is compromised, it will develop an abscess along with an infection along the root of the tooth. There might even be a gum infection to boot. Mouth infections are uber-serious as they can quickly become major problems that impact several parts of your body including your heart.

So don't shrug off tooth pain or inflammation. Inflammation and/or tooth pain just might be indications of a much more serious underlying issue. The worst case scenario is a bacterial infection starting in the mouth and spreading to the neck, jaw, and brain. In fact, a bacterial infection can even result in sepsis that can prove life-threatening.


This is one of the most commonly asked questions about emergency dental treatment. Though a chipped tooth might not seem like a major deal when it first occurs, it can cause the tooth to become quite vulnerable to damage. Chipped teeth are weak and that much more susceptible to breaking. The chip opens up the tooth enamel, exposing the tooth root to damage and decay.

Wait to have your chipped tooth addressed and you dramatically increase the chances of losing it to either decay or damage much sooner than anticipated. The best approach is to contact our emergency dentist as soon as you notice the chipped tooth. We will fill in the chipped portion of the tooth with a tooth-hued bonding. This bonding protects the tooth and enhances its aesthetic appearance. If necessary, we will also apply a veneer or crown to restore the damaged tooth.


If you have a missing filling or crown, your tooth will prove highly vulnerable to an array of problems. Missing fillings expose the tooth to additional decay. If the tooth is allowed to continue decaying, the result could be an uncomfortable abscess, tooth infection, gum infection or tooth loss. Our emergency dental team is here to refortify the area where the filling came out. We will add a new filling that provides lasting coverage and a natural aesthetic. In fact, we will make the tooth that much stronger by replacing the loose filling with an even more formidable one.


Do not try to “tough it out” when dealing with extreme oral pain. There is no guarantee the pain will dissipate. It is better to meet with our emergency dentist to figure out what is wrong with your mouth and reduce the pain without delay. Once you have a full understanding of what is causing your tooth pain and what you can do to improve the situation, you will enjoy an invaluable peace of mind. Otherwise, you will be bogged down by worry and discomfort for hours, days or longer as the pain lingers.


Our emergency dentist is here for you in your time of need. Whether you are looking for immediate assistance or would simply like to schedule a 6-month dental appointment, you can contact us2 at (425) 230-4308.


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