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Missing one or more teeth is more than just a cosmetic concern. A lost tooth can lead to significant oral health problems, but dental implants are a permanent, durable solution to correct your smile. At AnaBella Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Bellevue, Washington, Clara Song, DDS, offers dental implant procedures for people who experience tooth loss. Find out if you could benefit from a dental implant by booking a consultation online or over the phone.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent, artificial teeth. An implant is inserted into your jaw, where bone naturally grows around it to secure it in place. It’s topped with a crown or used to secure a restorative appliance like a bridge or dentures.

Dental implants are popular because they look and feel just like natural teeth. Every crown is custom-created, so your implant seamlessly fills out your smile. If you have a missing tooth, getting an implant can improve your oral health and help restore natural mouth function.

They don’t require any special care. In fact, practicing proper oral hygiene is enough to make your dental implant last a lifetime.

What is the procedure for getting a dental implant?

Your implant procedure will take several office visits. At your first appointment, Dr. Song examines your mouth, takes impressions, and determines your treatment plan. Then, the implant rod will be placed into your jaw.

For approximately 6-12 weeks, your jawbone heals and grows around the implant. When you come back to the office, Dr. Song fits your custom crown or your implant-secured denture in place. She assesses your bite to ensure your implant is comfortable and natural-looking.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a good treatment option for adults of all ages who have one or more missing teeth. If you’ve lost a tooth, your oral health could be at risk. Your teeth work together to help you chew and speak, and when a tooth falls out, remaining teeth need to compensate. 

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant redistributes pressure when you bite and it stimulates healthy bone growth to keep your mouth healthier. Benefits of dental implants include:

  • Restored mouth function
  • Improved speaking ability
  • Improved chewing ability
  • Better oral health
  • Comfortable, natural-looking artificial tooth

In general, people who are in good health and who have sufficient bone in their jaw to support the implant are good candidates for this popular dental restoration. Talk to Dr. Song at AnaBella Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to find out if a dental implant could be right for you.

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